Excited to Expand in 2020!!

Happy Sunday!

I hope you are enjoying a relaxing Sunday with family and friends. I am excited to start connecting with people through this site and will be providing great tennis content here.

I am blessed to have been involved with the game of tennis in multiple roles and for a significant amount of my life. My goal is here is to provide a glimpse into my tennis life currently and to help tennis players of all levels to quality coaching remotely.

Currently I am involved in tennis in three different capacities a. My first role is as Associate Director of High Performance at the Darling Tennis Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have an incredible, world class facility with 23 courts and have hosted an ATP Professional event. March 2, 2020 we will host a new event- Oracle Pro Series 25k Mens and Women’s event. I will be the tournament director for this event! Next, I am the Junior Scout for The US for Head Racquet Sports. I am in charge of scouting and signing top athletes in the US. Also, I have been a Faculty Coach for USTA Player Development since 2012. In this role, I travel to different sections and help run camps for top players which include: athletic development, mental skills training, and on court drills.

Seeing the game from different angles and having been in contact with parents, directors and top coaches from around the world I want to communicate what I’ve learned with you. I look forward to engaging with you and talking tennis!! 🎾🔥